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Fence Restoration

Restoration in progress...Pressure Washing a dirty fence can really bring it back to life!

Action Wash will restore your fence to like-new condition with our high pressure cleaning technique.


Deck Restoration

Big DeckIf the wood surface is not properly cleaned before pressure washing, live mold spores can be forced deep into the wood causing decay from within the wood. Improper use of high pressure washers will crush and destroy the top layer of wood causing dangerous splintering, uneven wear, and small wood slivers. Only qualified contractors should operate this equipment.

Our unique cleaning process safely removes dirt, mildew, and algae, leaving wood clean and ready for maximum coating penetration and performance. We use a biodegradable brightener and cleaner, custom formulated for us. We guarantee incredible restoration results. 


Action Wash offers discounted second coatings at a guaranteed price. Other services we offer include: board replacement, spot cleaning, and pressure washing. All are available at a discounted rate. Our prices reflect the use of only top quality materials and workmanship.  
bulletConcrete driveways and walkways look like new again with our stain removal and sealing. 
bulletCedar siding and shingles come back to life like magic.




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