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   It has been my experience that our customers really appreciate some of the smaller, easy and inexpensive things that we do . . . things that keep them coming back to us for different services.

Randy   We work hard at keeping in touch with our customers, past, present and future. Once a job has been booked, whether it is residential pressure washing or a restaurant kitchen exhaust system cleaning, I make a point to follow up in several ways. First, I always call every customer the day before a job is scheduled to confirm what we are going to be doing, when we'll be there, and how long we expect it to take. This assures that the customer hasn't forgotten about the appointment, and will be ready when we arrive so work can begin immediately. Restaurant owners especially appreciate this call since they often are very busy and often forget to mark the date of their cleaning on the calendar.

   I call my customers after the job is completed to make sure they are happy with our service. Many people don't like to call if the work wasn't up to their expectations, so this gives them the opportunity to share their concerns and in turn for us to address them. This follow-up call is also a great time to ask for those all important referrals, and point out the other services our company can provide.

   We send each customer a "report card" along with a thank-you letter urging them to candidly rate the work we did for them. This also ensures that any problem is address and point out any areas in which our service can be improved.

   We periodically mail flyers, postcards, and newsletters to our customers as well but I find that sometimes the little things like a courtesy call to confirm a job is just the right touch to keep a customer coming back to you.



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